A good refrigerator is able to improve the quality of life, as people spend time in kitchen to prepare meals for themselves or family. Thus, it’s great to own a bigger capacity fridge to store the groceries and frozen foods at home. Malaysians who are looking for a new refrigerator can now pick from Hisense Malaysia, as there are seven new models of refrigerators have been introduced by Hisense Malaysia recently. Moreover, Hisense Malaysia has also brought in one new model of freezer for consumers who are looking for a bigger storage requirement. 

           4 Door Inverter Fridge 

Three models of Inverter Four Door Refrigerator are utilising Vector Inverter Technology that helps to save energy and provide high efficiency as it ensures a stable internal temperature, which will extend the life of the refrigerator. My Fresh Choice able to convert from a fridge and freezer with a -18℃ ~ 5℃ temperature setting, or vice versa that offering more colling options to the users according to their needs and it definitely helps prolong the freshness of the food. The Door Alarm will alert users if they left the door opened and it definitely helps in preventing the food from spoiling.

The Dual-Tech Cooling system maintains the ideal humidity and temperature levels to prevent the transfer of odours and avoid food from drying out. Consumers are able to adjust the temperature of the three separate compartments according to different needs with the Triple Temperature Zone

Exclusive feature for the model – RQ768N4ABU will be the XXL Door Balcony that is bigger and taller and provides huge spaces, where users can store the bulky items such as milk, drinks cans or bottles, and its’ easy-slide drawer and cantilever shelves will definitely bring conveniences to users as well. Thanks to the Fast Cooling and Freezing feature, consumers are assured to enjoy a quick cooling of the food and drinks as it rapidly lowers the temperature to -24℃ to generate cold air and freeze the groceries quickly.

As for RQ568N4AWU and RQ568N4ABU, the Moisture Fresh Crisper will simply adjust the humidity inside the crisper to adhere to the type of food that users are storing. While the Metal-Tech Cooling ensures the cool air is distributed and circulates evenly from the inside out.

Side by Side Inverter Fridge 

The four models of Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerator are applying the Vector Inverter Technology as well, as the Inverter Technology will monitor the conditions of the fridge’s inside and manage the output accordingly.  Moreover, side by side inverter fridge is suitable for consumers who required a larger and organized freezer space. Products of Hisense Malaysia are always being considerate for its consumers as the refrigerators are equipped with Door Alarm to ensure the users will not leave the door opened.

These Inverter Side-by-Side Refrigerators are with Twin Cooling System that help to keep the fridge in a perfect level of humidity and maintain different compartments on its own ideal temperature. Users can find whatever they’re looking for easily as the LED Lighting inside the fridge makes things easier to see on every level and the lights are never too harsh or bright.

The RS688N4AWU and RS688N4ABU models have the unique features such as Deodorization Function that effectively prevent and remove the unpleasant odors inside the fridge, which help consumers to keep their fridge air clean and fresh all the time. While the Dual-Tech Cooling system maintains the perfect climate, and the Super Freeze allows users to enjoy the fast & fresh freezing feature.

The Soft LED Lighting in RS666N4ACN and RS666N4ABN is designed for a clearer overview of the contents of users’ fridge. While the Big Door Balcony offers big shelves for big need, users got to no worry about insufficient of spaces in the fridge. In addition to the Big Drawers available for both models of side by side inverter fridge, it not only meet the demand of storage capacity but it allows users to store neatly as well.

Hisense Freezer

  • FC428D4BWYRRP: RM1,699
  • Retail: 5 Years Compressor Warranty + 1 Year General Warranty

The new model of Hisense Freezer, FC428D4BWY carry on with the 8 in 1 Function where consumers can set the temperature of the cabinet according to their needs by simply touching the temp button, the chest freezer can be adjusted to 8 different temperature zones by just switching it between fridge and freezer to suit storage requirements with the button. Users do not have to worry what will happen to the food inside the freezer if suffering from power cut, as the freezer is able to keep for 135 hours with staying on 0℃ after powering off, but users have to ensure the freezer need to stay closed during power outage. It provides LED Lighting that makes users see what is inside easily.

The 3D Cooling has been improved as it uses D-type cooling pipe which has more surface contact with the cabinet that can realize large teat exchange between inner wall and evaporate pipe. Hovering door is designed for consumers that is easy to open and stays at different angles between 30° to 60° which allows consumers to take the ingredients or foods from the fridge without holding the door. Thanks to Ultrathin Hinges, the design of the freezer allows it to be placed against the wall and consumers could have more space in the kitchen. 

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