Xiaomi invites Malaysians to design the nation’s next Xiaomi Bunny

Mi Fans and Malaysians have the opportunity from now till July 4, 2021 to submit their creative designs and stand a chance to be rewarded with exclusive Xiaomi products, receive the title of ‘Official Xiaomi Bunny Designer in Malaysia’ and have their design to be produced as the next Malaysian Xiaomi Bunny.

The Xiaomi Bunny has played a significant role to the Xiaomi brand since its creation and has been a symbol for the Mi Community and fans alike. Its unique look and design has captured hearts as well as become an important part of the brand’s identity and culture. Xiaomi is now looking to design a Xiaomi Bunny that will represent Malaysian Mi Fans.

Mi Fans and Malaysians can participate in the Xiaomi Bunny Design contest by submitting their designs to Mi Community

All entries will be voted by Mi Fans on Mi Community website, Top 3 most popular designs will be shortlisted to enter the final round. A panel of judges from Xiaomi Global HQ and Xiaomi Malaysia will then select the best design that represents Xiaomi and the Mi Community in Malaysia. Based on the winning Xiaomi Bunny design, Mi Fans will also have the opportunity to create stickers and memes.

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