Hisense Malaysia recently launched its latest flagship television (TV) model, ULED 8K Android TV (U900KF) and ULED U7G TV. Both models bring the best viewing experience for Malaysian consumers to enjoy especially when watching UEFA Euro 2020 or just spending time at home with their loved ones.  

Priced at RM24,999

Hisense U900KF 8K Android TV is powered by Hi-View Engine and features Quantum Dot ColourTechnology which is able to reproduce more than 1-billion shades of colour. It helps cover a wide colour spectrum, which subsequently results in a much more vivid feel than a conventional LED TV.

It is equipped with Full Array Local Dimming Pro, where the brightness can be controlled individually and the edge between the dark and bright objects is clearer and sharper. The support of Dolby Vision HDR also allows consumers to enjoy their contents at cinema-like quality as intended by the creators themselves.

The Sports Mode reduces the amount of motion blur, so that users can see every dribble, pass, volley, headers, tackle, goals, and celebration during UEFA Euro 2020 clearly through the new Hisense U900KF 8K Android TV. As a flagship model from Hisense, the U900KF 8K Android TV also comes with native 120Hz refresh rate and also supports HDMI 2.1 connectivity which unlocks even more gamer-friendly features such as Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low-Latency Mode that aligns with its refresh rates of connected devices to prevent screen tearing, reduce lag for better detailed gameplay.

One of the gold standards in terms of immersive audio experience is Dolby Atmos. The U900KF 8K Android TV is running on Android operating system which allows users to also have access to thousands of contents through Google Play Store. There are videos, streaming service, games, and plenty of Android apps that you can enjoy via the 8K Android TV.  

Priced at RM4,399 for 55″ and RM5,999 for 65″

Hisense U7G ULED TV utilised local dimming technique to change the bottom lights to the back lights to prevent the interference of different display zones. While the Quantum Dot Colour helps to display the 3 primary colours more precisely and balanced which is able to show true-life colours and a vivid world. 

HDR technique helps the Hisense U7G ULED TV to display highly-realistic pictures. Colors are up to 40 times brighter and 10 times darker. MEMC (Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation) technology is applied to analyze the moving curve and makes the entire motion smoother.  MEMC motion can identify the smallest details or fast-moving objects and reconstruct the pixels to restore clean and clear motion.

The colour range is expanded due to the combination of Quantum Dot, HDR and 700-nits peaking brightness. Wide Colour Gamut technique provides more colours to show a more realistic and precise picture. The ALLM & VRR function will automatically switch the TV into Game Mode with Low Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rate Mode! 

Hisense U7G ULED TV comes with VIDAA U5 and VIDAA Voice, where the VIDAA U5 helps to improve speed, making it even faster and easier to search and navigate. Users will have access to more Malaysia and international apps.  Thanks to the VIDAA Voice, controlling the TV is a lot easier. Why waste time and search for the programs on TV? You can just find your favorite movies and songs on YouTube by pressing the voice search button!

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