Bored at home? Here’s something fun to do with your kids.

With countless immersive virtual walking tours available online, the world is at your feet. Dim the lights, shut the curtains and turn on your Samsung TV to indulge in the sights and sounds of your favorite holiday destinations – all from the comfort of your living room!

Watch in awe as every nuance and detail comes to life with rich, accurate color and deeper contrast on Samsung’s Neo QLED 4K Smart TV. Featuring Quantum Matrix Technology, which enables ultra-fine and precise control of Samsung’s exclusive new Quantum Mini LED, the Neo QLED 4K Smart TV lets viewers enjoy great detail in both the darkest and brightest scenes. 


The TV also packs in several premium, room-filling audio features, such as Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), which corresponds audio to the movement of objects on screen, and SpaceFit Sound, which analyzes the TV’s installation environment and outputs immersive sound tailored specifically to the surrounding space. With sound this good, it’ll almost feel as though you’re in another city! 

Activity Tip: 

  • Decide on a travel theme at the start of each week and fill up a bag with ping-pong balls indicating different themes/locations for children to pick from. 
  • Be creative with these themes – from “safaris of the world” to “deep sea adventures”, the possibilities are infinite! 
  • Create an activity worksheet to ensure that the experience is an interactive one. 
  • Ask fun questions such as: How many temples do you see? How many different types of boats can you spot in the marina? How many types of animals can you see in the savanna? 

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