GSMA, Counterpoint, realme and Qualcomm announce 5G Summit

GSMA, Counterpoint, realme and Qualcomm announce that they will hold a 5G Summit on 3rd June. The topic of the summit is ‘Making 5G Global: Accessibility for All.’ Leaders from these companies or organizations will share their views on the global 5G development and opportunities from different perspectives.

Attendees will talk about Making 5G Global: Accessibility for All” from different perspectives:

Kalvin Bahia, Principal Economist, GSMA Intelligence – “5G represents an opportunity to accelerate economic growth in a post-pandemic world.”

Peter Richardson, VP & Co-founder, Counterpoint Research – “5G is a foundational technology that will fundamentally change how people live, learn and work.”

Madhav Sheth, VP of realme, CEO of realme India and Europe – “We believe 5G will be the biggest driver accelerating smart living for young people across the globe.”

Johnny Chen, Brand Director of realme – “Our phones will allow young people to express themselves in ways that go beyond physical spaces.”

GSMA will share the opinions on comparing 5G growth expectations across emerging markets, barriers to 5G mobile internet adoption, and how it can boost growth in a post-pandemic world.

Counterpoint will focus on how 5G is changing the way people use technology, the trend of 5G spreading to lower price tiers, some numbers indicating key smartphone players in 5G, and the hot specs in the smartphone in 5G development.

realme will share some points on their role in the 5G era, why they believe 5G will become the most significant driver accelerating smart living for young people across the globe, surveys on young users’ increased demand with 5G, and some details around its upcoming product lines – broad range from lower tiers through to premium.

Qualcomm will talk about how it works together with smartphone makers to ensure the best performance, focusing on specific applications that are important in providing the whole 5G experience.

The summit live stream will start at 3rd of June 2021, 5pm on GSMA channel link as below, 

Let’s check out what are they going to share on 3 June.

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