The new side-by-side inverter refrigerator introduced by Hisense Malaysia comes with an ice & water dispenser that allows users to enjoy the chilled drinks and ice immediately.

“The best thing we must have in a hot day is definitely a drink with ice, the new model of Hisense’s side-by-side Inverter Refrigerator comes with the water and ice dispenser where users can just get the ice or cooled water all at the push of button, we believe that this will bring the conveniences that our users always looking to it,” said Mr. William Li, Managing Director of Hisense Malaysia.   

RRP: RM5,699

The new model of side-by-side inverter refrigerator is equipped with the Ice & Water Dispenser which is able to produce ice cubes, crushed ice and cooled water for the users by just pressing on a button. There is a Non-Plumbed Water Tank inside the fridge that offers users to get fresh and cool water in just a tap without plumbing. Users are able to utilise the Touch Electronic Control with LED touch control panel to control the dispenser and quickly select the desired temperature for each compartment.

For consumers who are interested to purchase the above-mentioned products, can always refer to https://www.hisense.com.my/dealers-locations/.

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