Mid-Autumn Festival is one celebration familiar to all Malaysians where mooncakes and lanterns were brought out to be enjoyed with our loved ones. Amidst the Mid-Autumn excitement, what better way to enjoy your mooncakes than to indulge in a beverage that reflects Chinese tea heritage, Da Hong Pao Cold Brew(黎鸿) by BaWangChaJi Malaysia. 

All tea lovers can now enjoy the newest addition in the Cold Brew Series at RM13.90 from 21st September onwards. The latest cold brew tea contains Da Hong Pao tea which is widely popular for its unique fragrance with a strong aroma and rocky rhyme. The tea also has a rather sweet aftertaste giving your taste buds a slight tingle.

BaWangChaJi wishes to extend their gratitude to their fans this Mid-Autumn with the addition of this new delectable beverage into BaWangChaJi’s Brew Tea Series. The strong aromatic goodness from the Da Hong Pao Cold Brew will give your mouth a rocky rhyme sensation with a touch of sweetness. This mouth-watering beverage will be available for all Malaysian tea lovers to try out at their nearest BaWangChaJi outlet. 

The new Da Hong Pao Cold Brew will be available at all BaWangChaJi’s outlets in Malaysia from 21st of September onwards for takeaway. Tea lovers who are interested in getting your cup of Da Hong Pao Cold Brew can also locate all BaWangChaJi’s outlets here.

Apart from that, you may also order this new Cold Brew Tea via all BaWangChaJi’s delivery partners and get your drinks delivered conveniently to your homes.

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