People living in this digitized era have been witnessing and involved in the impressive growth of technology that undoubtedly made our lives simpler and faster. With new tools available, we are benefited from these innovations while coping with hectic schedules in life. Simply by just clicking from your device, there are various daily activities you can perform with a 5G-ready smartphone that plays the key role as your assistant and companion in accelerating your 5G experiences. 

You’ll realise that there’s no limit on the functions and entertainment available to you on your smartphone. You can always stay connected with family and friends through phone calls, spending leisure time via gaming, reading e-books or e-magazines, music streaming, downloading movies and online shopping for ideal goodies from the mobile applications at ease. Hence, you will be able to immerse in a whole day of 5G network connections with the latest 5G-enabled smartphones. 

While the basic prerequisite for enjoying the evolution of 5G is to own a device that can run 5G networks, have you ever wondered about the advantages of the 5G-ready devices? In this article, we will be introducing the key features of realme’s 5G smartphones that could further facilitate your daily lifestyle in a smarter way.  

  1. 5G Processors – Level Up Your Gaming Performance

The 5G-enabled devices are ideal for mobile gamers as they are equipped with the download speed which is 10 times faster than its predecessor as well as extremely low latency in Gaming Mode. Challenge yourself through the fast-paced smartphone reactions to increase your excitement while playing competitive mobile games with friends and family. You will be less likely to encounter delays in your mobile phone operation or laggy in the game environment with smartphones that support 5G networks. Users of realme’s 5G smartphones are assured to enjoy smoother 5G network connectivity at any angle.

  1. Enjoy smooth viewing experience on your favourite movie 

Whether you’re binge-watching your favourite Netflix or just simply catching up on Running Man every week, it sure looks good when you’re enjoying it on your smartphone. Guess what? Those viewing experiences can be upgraded if you have a big screen on a smartphone with a better processor. With realme’s 5G and ultra smooth display of up to 120Hz refresh rate, you can avoid those lagging scenes because sometimes the popcorn finishes even half way through the movie.

  1. A comfortable grip in your hand

While that pretty much sums up the performance, let’s have a look at the outer beauty of realme’s 5G devices that offers brand new visual and tactile experience which represents realme’s latest understanding and expression of trendsetting design that deserves to be chosen by young consumers. From its size, it is created to be super slim hence you are able to hold it comfortably no matter you are walking on the street or having a drama marathon with the phone while lying on the bed. It greatly reduces the burden of holding it in your hand, also convenient for ladies to hang out with a lightweight and chic smartphone. 

  1. Allowing you to be productive and get your work done 

Whenever you’re working or managing an online business, you will be busy with your smartphone all day replying to customers and handling tasks. By synchronizing email addresses on your device, you can also connect and collaborate with colleagues on Google applications to create and review documents. To make more efficient use of your valuable time, the fast charging technology adopted is also proven to improve your charging efficiency, enabling the devices to be powered up to 100% in the shortest duration. Speaking of battery life, one of the most worrying aspects of 5G-ready devices is their high energy consumption. Rest assured that the large battery capacity of 4500mAh to 5000mAh is sufficient to support long hours of operations on your 5G smartphones. 

  1. Creating wonderful moments with your 5G smartphone camera

Apart from those above-mentioned functions, you can also capture outstanding photos with AI Support and built-in camera filters in realme’s 5G models! They are undeniably one of the best photography tools for social media users, especially YouTubers or Tiktokers who love to share their daily life with fans. Photography and videography enthusiasts will be immersed in camera lenses that were upgraded with an improved clarity, not forgetting the ultra-clear front camera that satisfies your selfie needs. For those living in the city, you will be amazed with the night scenes captured by Super Nightscape Mode which is capable of reflecting the perfect night view.

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