Hisense Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner! Bagi sejuk2 di mana2 saja.

Air conditioner is definitely an important element for a comfortable workplace. Having a cosy space enables your employees to work under an enjoyable environment which may increase their productivity. The latest Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner introduced by Hisense Malaysia will definitely be the best partner for Malaysians in their workplaces.    

“Our Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner are slim, compact and extremely space-saving that can blend seamlessly into any environment of your workplace. Hisense Malaysia has continuously worked tirelessly in innovating more home appliances that bring comfort to Malaysians. This time we’re bringing the Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner that is environmentally friendly with R32 Refrigerant technology that could improve the air freshness in an indoor space without harming the environment,” said Mr. William Li, Managing Director of Hisense Malaysia.   

Hisense Malaysia’s Ceiling Cassette Air Condition has an easy-to-clean filter that effectively filters the dust and particles that provides healthier airflow and enhance the indoor air quality. While the 360° Round Flow will supply air evenly and provides uniform cooling for your space to maximize user’s comfort. 

The Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner provides the Ideal Wind that reaches every corner and enjoys a natural cool breeze. Thanks to brand new silent air duct design that supplies optimized blades and professional duct stimulation, also creating a peaceful environment, thus, users have no worry that it will be creating any noises.

Backward Centrifugal Fan that built-in the ceiling cassette air conditioner has a higher reliability, high efficiency for excellent air supply. Five-fold Evaporator has a larger heat exchange area where it has higher efficiency and more power-saving than a traditional four-fold evaporator. The ceiling cassette air conditioner is flexible installation that comes with anti-overflow design and high-lift water pump which makes the pipeline installation is more flexible. 

The best news for the users is definitely the 2 years warranty for them if they purchase the Hisense Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner. For the price, its 2.5horsepower is priced at RM4559 and 5horsepower is at RM7999.

Sauce: It’s still MCO in Malaysia but businesses are still operating and if they want to make it environmental friendly to welcome 100% staffs back to work? This sounds like a good deal.

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