OPPO Wishes All Malaysians Salam Aidilfitri with “Kasih Dari Hati” Short Film

To celebrate the festive season, OPPO has released a Raya-themed short film titled “Kasih Dari Hati” in the spirit of family connection and togetherness.

The 7-and-a-half-minute short film centers around an elderly man who receives a gift box containing a new OPPO Reno5 and other OPPO IoT products from his daughter. Weaving together a heartwarming story between the two, some hints of lighthearted comedy are sprinkled throughout as the daughter struggles to get her elderly father to exercise for better health.

The short film shows how family members can connect through technology despite being physically apart – that even with distance between us all, we can all still #PictureHeartsTogether this Raya season. The short film wraps around the festive Raya tune of “Kasih Dari Hati” by Ayda Jebat.

Here’s the “Kasih Dari Raya” short film:

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Besides that, OPPO has also released a customizable Instagram filter allowing users to sing along to the “Kasih Dari Hati” Raya song, which makes for a memorable way of sending Raya greetings to friends and family this festive season. That’s not all, however, as from the 2nd to 31st May, the OPPO Ka(Raya)oke AR Filter Contest is happening, with prizes worth up to RM10,000 to be won!

What are you waiting for?

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