vivo X60 Series Debuts Virtual RAM which comes with Xtra POWER!

vivo’s introduced its new flagship X60 series in Malaysia last month redefined the benchmark for aesthetics, power, photography and useability in what is a highly contested smartphone segment. Despite the immense capability of its new smartphone’s component specifications, vivo has never been content to rely solely on hardware and software advancements to ensure a competitive edge, instead introducing memory optimisation techniques to imbue the X60 series with a groundbreaking memory management technology for smartphones known as Virtual RAM.

Whilst considered a new technology in the realm of smartphones, the concept of Virtual RAM was actually adopted from the world of PCs. Built on the simple idea of the RAM (Random Access Memory, which is used to help with processing) being able borrow space from the device’s internal storage capacity (which is either an HDD or a flash drive) temporarily whenever the available RAM is reaching its capacity.

This allows the device, whether a PC or a modern smartphone to receive a marked ‘boost’ in processing power, allowing the user to then multitask over more apps and cutting down on the inherent lag that occurs when there is a significant processing load on the device.

Each model in vivo’s X60 series is equipped with 8GB of RAM by default and utilising this new feature, it is expandable up to 3GB from the standard 128GB of the phone’s storage flash drive can be reallocated temporarily as RAM. This gives the flagship vivo smartphone a temporary processing performance ‘boost’ equivalent to having 11GB of RAM.

Great news to the technology sector and these guys sure are improving a lot.

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