vivo 21 Series come with 64MP back cam and 44MP front camera

The vivo V21 series were accentuated by industry-leading 44MP OIS front camera, and 64MP OIS rear camera which is engineered to be able to capture anything, near or far, with crisp clarity. Meanwhile, the V21 series is supplemented by the Superior Night-time selfie, which can counter any unintentional or unavoidable shakes, such as selfies taken mid-way through a heart-pounding roller coaster ride!

The vivo V21 series is equipped to capture high quality selfies even in dim conditions, thanks to its AI Night Portrait algorithm, which gives users the freedom to remain in the limelight all through the night. Besides allowing users the chance to be the life of every party, this feature ensures that night-time selfies are not compromised and will always stay on the clear side, each and every time. 

The vivo V21 comes in two new hues, Dusk Blue and Sunset Dazzle, radiating glamour and sophistication for the modern-day user. Dusk Blue shade gives a mysterious appeal to the sleek V21 series smartphone, lending an air of sultriness, which is befitting of any user who exudes a similar aura of mystery. Meanwhile, the Sunset Dazzle has a more fun, upbeat appeal that screams summer, perfect for smartphone users who want to inject a little personality into their everyday staple accessory – their smartphone.

Can’t wait for its official launch! Stay tuned peeps.

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