Recently, realme Malaysia has offered a variety of fantastic deals for its AIoT and TechLife devices on Lazada Super Brand Day. Today, realme Malaysia is pleased to announce that those deals were met with glowing reviews and have broken several sales records. 

realme Malaysia has successfully secured the title of No.1 Best-selling Smart Scale on Lazada’s Super Brand Day Sale with the realme Smart Scale. realme Watch 2 also successfully landed the title of No.1 Best-selling Smartwatch on Lazada’s Super Brand Day Sale. 

As for realme’s Alkaline Battery, realme Malaysia managed to snag the No.1 Best-selling Battery during Lazada’s Super Brand Day with the product being sold out in a single day. realme Alkaline Battery has 25% higher capacity and is environmentally friendly compared to ordinary AA or AAA carbon batteries.

Furthermore, the following realme AIoT and TechLife devices were also crowned as the Most Sold Device on its First Sale on Lazada Super Brand Day within a day: 

  • realme Beard Trimmer Plus – Most Sold Trimmer
  • realme TechLife Air Purifier – Most Sold Air Purifier
  • realme TechLife Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Most Sold Handheld Vacuum

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