New pop-up channel, Jackie Chan (Ch 400) for Astro Movies Pack customers

Astro is excited to offer Movies Pack customers more of their favourite films, and is proud to showcase films from one of Malaysia’s most-loved action comedy heroes, Jackie Chan, as he celebrates his 66th birthday. This new pop-up channel, Jackie Chan (Ch 400) is available to Astro Movies Pack customers from 26 March till 30 April 2021 at no additional charge via Astro, Astro GO and On Demand, and marks an exciting start to Astro celebrating being 25-years young.Customers can look forward to more than 20 iconic Jackie Chan films including his award-winning classic Hong Kong films from the 1970’s to 2000’s which catapulted him into stardom across regions and establishing the popular Kung Fu and comedy genre today. 

Among these include:

-Hong Kong martial arts action comedy film series, Project A and sequel, Project A Part II.

-Hong Kong crime action film series, Police Story 1, Police Story 2, and Police Story 3: Super Cop which also stars popular and world-renowned Malaysian actress, Michelle Yeoh.

-Hong Kong action-comedy cult classic film Armour of God and sequel Armour of God II: Operation Condor.

-Hong Kong action film, The Canton Godfather, a sophisticated directorial effort by Chan who also starred in the film along with other well-known Hong Kong actors including Anita Mui and Wu Ma.

-Hong Kong action comedy film, My Lucky Stars, martial arts action-comedy film, Wheels on Meals, and Dragon Lord featuring fight scenes with elaborate various stunts.

-Chinese action adventure comedy, Kung Fu Yoga, and many more.

For more information, please visit Astro’s social media pages.

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