5 Biggest Takeaways From OPPO INNO DAY 2021

OPPO INNO DAY 2021 was the pinnacle event for technological advancements in the smartphone and smart products realm, with OPPO unveiling its lineup of smart products that will be entering the market in selected regions. Here are 5 of the biggest takeaways from OPPO’s third OPPO INNO DAY. 

1. Virtual and interactive experiences are all the rage and is here to stay

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Consumers have been receptive towards virtual experiences especially during this pandemic age and it will certainly be a trend moving forward into the foreseeable future for virtual events. 

OPPO INNO DAY 2021 was launched via a unique medium, allowing OPPO fans worldwide the opportunity to dress up in their very own avatars and enter into a new virtual where they were able to interact with other OPPO users as well as the latest in OPPO innovations. 

The event, dubbed as OPPO INNO WORLD serves as a virtual stage where avatars gather in virtual exhibition halls and hunted for hidden easter eggs, much like a video game with its respective missions. 

2. What matters is the inside (of your smartphone) and MariSilicon X achieves this seamlessly

Your device’s hardware extends beyond its specifications and features. True smartphone afficionados understand the importance of the neuro processing unit (NPU) which powers the smartphone and OPPO has ensured that alongside producing smartphones with the latest features to complement users’ digital lifestyle, has also placed importance in developing a chipset dedicated to processing the most vibrant pictures taken by an OPPO smartphone. Named the MariSilicon X, the chipset uses cutting-edge 6nm process technology power and delivers 18 Trillion Operations Per Second (TOPS) of processing speeds while consuming just 11.6 TOPS per watt to achieve 20 times improvement in 4K AI processing. 

Photography is a huge aspect of smartphone usage and the MariSilicon X helps to power photography and enable it go the extra mile thanks to the large computing power and high data throughput which allows users to preserve the details in their images.

3. Augmented and extended reality is the future and OPPO is pushing AR boundaries

OPPO continues to explore the realm of augmented reality and understands the boundless potentials that it can offer in bettering the lives of users everywhere, even in critical fields such as healthcare. 

Impressive technology is no longer the only prerequisite for higher adopting of the innovation – function is equally as important and perhaps even more so. 

With this, OPPO has married both function and beauty with the OPPO Air Glass which touts an exterior that is sleek yet as light as a feather. OPPO Air Glass is designed to assist users in a variety of different situations and scenarios, providing timely notifications for the weather, calendar and health and fitness apps, even providing live translations as another person is speaking. 

4. Foldable phones are making a huge comeback!

Back in the day, foldable phones were all the rage. Commonly known as clam shells phones, they are now returning to the lives of smartphone users with even more functionalities and features than ever before. This time around, technology has advanced unbelievably that the screen itself can be folded. 

Take for instance the OPPO Find N which incorporates an industry-first approach of using a landscape inner display for a smartphone. Intuitive is the word that comes to mind when users put the OPPO Find N to the test as it allows seamless unfolding into a landscape mode and thanks to an industry-leading hinge, there are minimal creases in the display. The OPPO self-designed Serene Display also allows for a more durable and reliable display with UTG + 12-layer screen design. 

Performance-wise, the OPPO Find N comes with a Snapdragon 888 processor, which improves CPU performance by 25% and GPU rendering speed by 35%, when compared with Snapdragon 870. All this makes the rollable phone concept not just a trendsetting innovation but one which is also functional.

5. OPPO is touching on R&D in the AR space with CybeRealOne thing which has enabled OPPO to unveil one powerful innovation after the next is its investment in the R&D process. OPPO has established its 5G Innovation Lab in India last year and recently unveiled its 5G Communication Lab in Shenzhen. These dedicated laboratories mark the firm steps OPPO is taking towards making more innovative use cases a reality. In the same vein, OPPO has unveiled a compelling AR experience through the AR application, CybeReal, which is powered by real-time, spatial computing technology. At the forefront, these innovations establish OPPO’s continuous effort towards R&D in the innovation sector and enables AR use cases to promote efficiency in the daily lives of its users.  

Charting a reimaged future

As OPPO continues to push the boundaries of technology, the theme of OPPO INNO DAY 2021 sums up the event nicely. This year’s theme of “Reimaging the Future” reminds users that in light of the unprecedented season we are in, we can reimage ourselves with OPPO’s technological advancements to enter the new year on a positive note and forge an ideal, reimaged future for ourselves. 

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