Another season of new television(TV) models launching this year. Major TV manufacturers have revealed their own new generation of products with its latest technology. Meanwhile, consumers are spoilt for choice and hesitate whether to purchase new models or old models as well as the right way in choosing the TV for their home. 

Now, if you’re looking to get a new TV to end the year on a high note. Hisense Malaysia would like to introduce a new model of televisions that comes with a large screen. The Hisense TV A7G 75’’ or 85’’ might be a great choice to add in your living room. As the heart or soul of the living room, TV is an indispensable part of your house. 

Approximately five years ago, we were using small-sized TVs below 50 inches. Small TVs not only look less gorgeous in the living room, but also bad for our eyes due to invisibility and long-time involuntary closeness to the device. Recently, Hisense has launched its pocket-friendly Hisense TV 75’’ or 80’’ A7G in the market, which not only decorates your living room from visual effect, but also brings a whole new experience to you and your family. 

Appearance: A TV that you will fall in love the first time you see it

Delicate home appliances can make us feel worthwhile even if they are only placed in the living room! Especially for TV, high-end craftsmanship and design are of vital importance to highlight your house. After all, it is the main façade of the living room. Judging from the current trend, “the style is simple, and the fewer design traces, the better to achieve harmony” is the pursuit of more young consumers.

Bezelless design, high screen-to-body ratio, and ultra-thin frame, let Hisense TV A7G series present more images than any previous old model TV. The TV also gets rid of the limitation of frame and presents more images in front of you while watching movies or your favourite sports activity. 

Hisense TV A7G series has adopted the concept of an ultra-thin design. If it is placed in the living room hung on a wall, you can fit it closer to the wall resembling a ‘painting’ on the wall. The blade base also allows the TV to have a more stable support and flexible visual effect. Whether it is wall-mounted or seated, it will turn out amazing in your living room. 

As for its remote control, it adopts the One-touch-access design and the keys are arranged neatly according to their functions. You can also switch between commonly used APPs easier and smoother. With an integrated Mic button, it’s easy to search for anything using this remote control. Simply press the button and talk to your TV. No time-consuming menus or complicated settings required. 

Picture quality: excellent light and shadow control with engine support

A good TV also needs a high-performance image quality processing chip to improve the image quality.

Hisense TV A7G series utilizes the chip to control the various light-emitting units of the backlight with high-definition and real image quality, and by adjusting the peak brightness and dark contrast, it will bring you deeper black and richer color contrast visually.

In addition, Hisense TV A7G series has an ultra-wide angle due to the chip equipping this time allows the picture from all angles to achieve the best viewing effect, while presenting uniform picture brightness and color, so each angle is the best viewing position. A7G brings the whole family the same viewing effect as in VIP seats in the cinema.

Sound quality: Dolby Atmos creates an immersive sound

Due to the pandemic, many families have reduced their frequency to go to movie theatres. In order to meet consumers’ viewing needs, Hisense TV A7G series upgraded its audio materials and decoding technology through algorithm corrections, sound field positioning, sound effect preference settings, and volume mutation protection to satisfy customers’ various needs. All the improvements allow the new acoustics to have precise surrounding sound, highlight sound details, and intelligently modify the characteristics of the speakers, so that every consumer can enjoy the immersion of the theater’s stereo sound staying at home.

Hisense TV A7G series offers the ultimate real picture quality, hall-level sound effects, coupled with the matching voice interaction function that emerges as an ultimate all-rounder with professionalism embodies the love of a family.

Hisense TV A7G series Details  

Hisense TV A7G series YouTube Video 

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