REALME BAND 2 First To Launch in Malaysia!

realme Malaysia today unveiled its newly enhanced realme Band 2 for all sports and fitness lovers in Malaysia. The realme Band 2 comes with a 3.5cm Large Color Display, high precision Real-time Heart Rate Monitor and Blood Oxygen Monitor, and 90 Sports Mode. realme fans in Malaysia will be the first among global users to get their hands on the realme Band 2 and experience all these exciting features.

3.5cm Large Colour Display
The realme Band 2 features a 3.5cm Large Colour Display with 500 nits of brightness, enabling the users to see the screen clearly even under bright sunlight outdoors. The screen made up of TFT-LCD is full screen touch responsive, and the 1.4” HD screen is able to display more information along with the interface, allowing users to have clearer vision while checking the notifications or sports data while carrying out fitness routines.

Real-time Blood Oxygen & Heart Rate Monitoring
Thanks to the advancement of GH3011 Sensor equipped in realme Band 2, users will be able to track accurate heart rate and blood oxygen level with 1kHz heart rate sampling frequency. realme Band 2 can also assist users in 24-hour heart rate monitoring and measurement that includes resting heart rate, exercise heart rate as well as heart rate alert. It will display the time and results of measurements for the day, also alerting users with their daily high and low heart rates. 

The device features blood oxygen level monitoring too. Blood oxygen level readings are especially important and useful as comprehensive health reference data for people who snore, drink, do excessive mental work, are in high altitude environments as well as elderly and those on ventilators. Besides, realme Band 2 monitors your sleeping habits continuously and records your sleep data. This includes sleep duration, sleep stages, the time when you fall asleep and wake up. With the collected data, it gives you scores and recommendations to improve your quality of sleep.

Upgraded Performance
realme Band 2 provides up to 90 Sports Modes including Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Cycle, Indoor Run, Strengthen training, Football, Hockey, Table Tennis, Badminton, and many more. It is also able to record the user’s total exercise time and calories burned on a daily and weekly basis. It can also differentiate the calorie consumption in specific exercising mode as well as track the daily and weekly exercise duration.

The realme Band 2 has a waterproof level of 5ATM, which is water-resistant up to 50m. Therefore, whether it is swimming, exercise sweat, or even a shower, users do not need to take off the band, and won’t have to worry about water getting into realme Band 2.

In terms of battery life, the realme Band 2 features a 204mAh high efficient battery that can support a long-term service for you. Users do not have to worry about charging their device daily as it is able to operate smoothly up to 12 days of battery while adopting efficient sensors and processors. 

In order to control various AIoT devices like earphones, speakers, and light bulbs, you can easily make it happen by connecting to the realme Link app. Users can also play music and take photos with realme Band 2 now.

Move with Styles
In collaboration with users and renowned designers, realme has created trendy dials for the realme Band 2. There are over 50 cool dial faces available for you to use. The dial pointer, background color, and gradient style can also be adjusted according to your own preferences. The universal size 18mm-wide wrist strap makes it convenient for users to replace and match the realme Band 2 with other brands of wristbands. 

In the near future, realme will be offering a variety of interchangeable wrist straps for users to empower and represent their unique personalities while matching their daily outfits.

How much would that be?

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