Hisense Malaysia introduces its Top Load Washing Machine – BubbleClean Series

Washing Machine will never be missed out in everyone’s home as it is the greatest innovation for humans to do their laundry. Having a washing machine doing our laundry is beyond just saving time, by choosing a right machine can also protect the clothes in good condition.  Thus, Hisense Malaysia recently launched its Top Loading Washing Machine – BubbleClean series for Malaysians, it comes in two capacities – 13kg and 10.5kg that will bring better laundry experience to consumers.

The Soft-Close Tempered Glass in Hisense Top Loading Washing Machine closes safely, gently and silently that has no risk of accidents, and users can see the washing process through the transparent glass lid. While Hisense’s Bubble Clean detergent box has a maze-like structure that facilitates dissolving and activation of the detergent. 

Thanks to Double Water Flow that feature with its optimized turbo and the advanced scrap filters able to generate strong water streams that helps to remove the stubborn stains. Consumers can be assured to get their clothes in clean and unstained conditions after the laundry.  The Double Magic Filters can prevent debris that is hard-to-see on clothes, and helps to make the clothes look spotless. 

Consumers are able to get nearly wrinkle-free clothes after the Air Dry process, it generates wind by a high-speed spin operation to dry the clothes. Moreover, its’ Extra Soft function will make the clothes softer and more comfortable due to it bringing better fabric softening effect and add in one rinse automatically to ensure the detergent residues are gone, and softener will be adding in automatically at this timing for better absorption.

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