vivo V21 – Good stuff!

Let’s start with the design of vivo V21. The V21 features an elegant, sleek aesthetic that seamlessly integrates thoughtful and sophisticated design elements. Looking for a thin phone? It’s 7.29mm only. Colour? We’ve received the Dusk Blue and yes it looks stylish and premium. 

In terms of display, V21 features the E3 AMOLED FullView Display that brings about optimal screen brightness, contrast, color vividness, blue light eye protection, and longer material life. And guess what? 90Hz refresh rate at this price point. Looking smooth like butter…

Now, let’s talk about the camera. It comes with 44MP OIS Front Camera and 64MP OIS Rear Camera. It also has a Super Night Selfie system feature, combined with multi-frame optimization and multi-level exposure that will be able to counter any shakes and capture high quality selfies even in dim conditions.

Night pictures are also clearer and I must say, this is some good quality camera for Malaysians to explore. They’ll fall in love with it. 

The rear camera set comprises 64MP OIS, 8MP wide-angle and 2MP macro cameras to offer a holistic, high-quality photography and videography experience that makes it a competitive option among smartphones of the same price range.

Basic functions like Wide-angle and Macro are also available for users and it’s working perfectly well. Now if you’re into video, they can capture 4k video quality, so good stuff don’t you think?

Performance? The V21 is powered by a 7nm MediaTek Dimensity 800U chipset, the V21 offers excellent performance for its applications and operating system, working at speeds of up to 2.4GHz. It also consumes less energy! 

Not only that, it does come with Extended RAM technology. So, 8GB phone can tap on 3GB of external memory space for RAM. More freedom, more apps. 

Battery? 4000mAh capacity with 33W Flash Charge. Sufficient and fast enough for users. 

Price? RM1599 for its 8+128GB variant. There’s 3% discount at the moment here

Conclusion: Great camera capability built in one device. So if you’re looking for some premium looking smartphone with great camera capabilities, V21 would be the one for you. 

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