Precious Raya Moments with the Awesome Galaxy A32 & A32 5G

There are countless moments to treasure this Hari Raya whether you are celebrating with your loved ones in the comfort of your homes or a virtual get-together – ia tetap Raya Bermakna, Meriah Bersama.

And your smartphone camera is an important consideration because every moment captured is a lasting memory and certainly a need for social media enthusiast out there in creating quality content for their followers – especially during the festivities. Well you can say yes to the Samsung Galaxy A32 and A32 5G as it is equipped with a high-resolution camera that will produce quality pictures and videos for the gaze of your friends on social media.

Whether you have an OOTD challenge during the day or playing fireworks at night; the Galaxy A32 is capable of capturing clear and sharp images as it comes with 64MP high-resolution main camera with Tetra Binning technology, maintaining the quality of your images even when it gets cropped. And if you are into capturing selfies or need to get on video calls to celebrate with your family and friends near and far, the front camera that is equipped with 20MP will do justice in showcasing the perfect you as it has the blur effect and smart beauty features.

If you are planning a challenge for your family to make famous a Raya dance routine on TikTok – the Galaxy A32 5G on the other hand is equipped with a high-resolution 4K UHD camera that can give you quality video recording results. Moreover, with the ability to record your videos in 4k on the Galaxy A32 5G, you can pick your favourite and best photo from a selection of quality still shots at 8MP – moments you’ll want to remember forever! 

With that said, join the #AwesomeDollaRaya Challenge happening now until 15th May 2021 – to participate, simply dance to DOLLA’s Raya song on TikTok with their mural art on Jalan Tun HS Lee as the background and stand a chance to win one out of a total of nine units of the brand new Galaxy A32 Samsung is giving away! #plsfollowsop

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