Share your #VaccinatedFor on TikTok

In recognition of World Immunization Week which runs from 24th to 30th April 2021, TikTok is working closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO) in a Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) endorsed campaign to educate its users on the importance and impact of vaccines for communities around the globe.

Through a shared vision of ultimately improving public health for all, TikTok launches #VaccinatedFor, a global hashtag for users and brands to participate in Immunization Week, with a call-to-action to show communities why it is important to get vaccinated. Via informative, engaging livestreams as well as creative video creation, TikTok is leveraging on its reach and platform capabilities to provide access to information about COVID-19 immunization.

During World Immunization Week, TikTok is encouraging its community to share their motivations on getting vaccinated via the hashtag #VaccinatedFor to inspire others to immunize. Whether it is spending time with family, hitting the road to travel or just doing their part to stay safe, TikTok is rallying communities to show the world what they are #VaccinatedFor. Participation is simple; just search #VaccinatedFor and view content from the broader TikTok community through the Discover page all week.

The page provides information on the different vaccines available with content from users sharing their stories about community and how after a year a part, vaccines will ultimately bring people closer together, again.

TikTok strives to swiftly identify and remove misinformation related to COVID-19, and the vast majority of misleading videos about the coronavirus are removed within 24 hours of upload, as detailed in their last Transparency Report. TikTok is making important investments in new detection mechanisms as they work to close this gap and improve their efficacy.

Kudos team TikTok!

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